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Charting Real World Data and Evidence - Activity and Capabilities (2018)

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December 2018

How do Real World Data (RWD) and Real World Evidence (RWE) professionals see their critical role developing?

  • Which teams are using RWD/RWE, where is it providing most value and how might this change over the next 2 years?
  • What are the main challenges faced by RWD/RWE professionals?
  • How is the collection of RWD/RWE planned and what factors drive these decisions?
  • When in a product's lifecycle should RWD/RWE collection start and how might this change?

RWD and RWE play an increasingly important role in proving the value and utility of drugs. The insights provided go beyond clinical research results and regulatory approval to deliver persuasive real world evidence to key stakeholders such as payers. Yet RWD/RWE professionals face a number of challenges and the discipline is having to adapt to ever increasing workloads and developing market demands.

To explore current RWD/RWE practice and likely future developments we surveyed 100 US and European RWD/RWE professionals and have published their valuable opinions and insights in Charting Real World Data and Evidence - Activity and Capabilities.

Benchmark your company's performance:

  • Market access? Pricing? Disease understanding? Which activities does RWD/RWE most commonly support?
  • What are the biggest challenges to conducting RWD/RWE collection and analysis?
  • On average how many people typically work on RWD/RWE activities for a brand at any one time?
  • How many hours, on average, do staff spend on RWD/RWE activities per month?
  • Phase III? Launch? Post launch? At what point in a brand's life cycle does RWD/RWE activity peak and how is this expected to change over the next 2 years?
  • To what extent will collaborating with payers drive the planning and execution of RWD/RWE projects?
  • What is the ideal background for staff transitioning to a RWD/RWE role?

The report Includes contributions from leading companies, such as...


About the RWD/RWE practitioners who responded

This November 2018 survey has captured the views and insights of 100 US/Western European-based staff (50 US; 50 WE) with responsibilities for RWE and/or RWE activities and capabilities at pharmaceutical companies.

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