Benchmarking Key Account Management Capabilities (2019)

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July 2019
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  • What factors determine a Key Account Manager (KAM) team's size and structure?
  • At what stage in a product's lifecycle are KAMs assigned and how many brands should a typical KAM support?
  • What personal attributes and knowledge are seen as essential to successfully fulfilling a KAM role?
  • What operational trends and pressures do KAMs expect to grow over the next two years?

Is your Key Account Manager (KAM) setup fit for purpose in today's increasingly challenging market? With more brands coming to market and the ever evolving stakeholder goals and evidence requirements, KAM organization must develop to optimally meet changing and diverse market needs.

Benchmarking Key Account Management Capabilities 2019 is a July 2019 survey report of 100 senior KAMs and KAM team managers. The report presents data-rich graphs which empower you to easily benchmark your own KAM organization and provision while clearly understanding the trends and pressures that are shaping the KAM operational landscape in the US and Western Europe (WE).

KAMs explore key questions

  • Number of accounts/brands supported? Complexity of product? Sales volume? What factors determine the size of KAM teams and which are most important?
  • How is the demand for real world evidence expected to impact KAM team size over the next two years?
  • Phase 2? Phase 3? Launch? At what stage are KAMs assigned to a brand and how does practice in the US and WE differ?
  • How many hours, typically, in a month do KAMs actively engage with key accounts?
  • What are the ideal levels of experience and knowledge for a KAM and what might this mean for team building and recruitment?
  • How many hours of training do companies provide to both new recruits and experienced KAM practitioners?

Learn from KAMs in leading companies

This survey report draws on the responses from senior front-line KAMs in leading companies such as…




About the KAMs who responded

This survey, fielded between 17-30 May 2019, is based on the responses of 100 US/WE (50 US; 50 WE)-based KAMs or KAM team leaders at pharmaceutical companies.

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