Benchmarking Key Account Management Capabilities

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April 2018
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Are your KAM teams firing on all cylinders? If, not, why not?

What makes a great KAM (Key Account Manager) and KAM team and what are the personal attributes and operational environment that will deliver optimum performance? What number of brands should a team manage? How much time should they be spending with their key accounts? What level of experience do, on average, KAMs have?

Key questions, and we have the answers. Based on February 2018 research with 100 US and European KAM experts from leading companies, this survey provides the metrics for you need to evaluate and benchmark your organization's KAM capabilities.

100 KAM experts speak out on

  • Team size: What factors and performance indicators determine the size of the KAM team and which are most important now and in the future?
  • In-house or contract teams? What is the trend in the use of contract KAMs and how does this compare with their in-house KAM colleagues?
  • Brands: What is the number of brands supported by KAM team and how does practice in the US and Western Europe differ?
  • Accounts: How many key accounts are typically supported by a KAM or KAM team?
  • Account Engagement: Some KAMs spend 25 hours a month engaging with key accounts, other 150 hours or more–where do you fit in?
  • KAM attributes: Building strong relationships? Sales ability? Understanding the customer's goals? What attributes are seen as critical by KAM professionals
  • Resources: Adequately resourced and expanding, or under-resourced and contracting? US and Western Europe perspectives differ

What to expect from the research study

Presented in 21 clear informational slides in MS PowerPoint™, this February 2018 research…

  • Reveals the key opinions of 100 (50 from US and 50 from Western Europe) pharma KAM professionals
  • Based on responses to a detailed internet-based questionnaire
  • Employs robust respondent screening criteria to ensure only qualified and experienced KAM professionals were included
  • Delivers clear graphical presentations of the key findings with significant differences highlighted for easy review

KAM leaders from top companies contribute


Survey contents

Team size and responsibilities

  • Geographical responsibilities of participants
  • Current KAM team size
  • Future KAM team size
  • Number of brands supported
  • Number of KAMs supporting a brand
  • Number of key accounts supported
  • Factors determining KAM team size
  • Factors determining future KAM team size
  • Stage when KAM team is first assembled/assigned to a brand
  • Time spent on engaging with key accounts

Team attributes, experience and resources

  • Level of KAM experience
  • KAM background roles
  • Training (days per year)
  • Attributes for success in a KAM role
  • KAM team resources
  • Expected change in KAM team resources

Why Choose FirstWord?

The world is full of data, analysis and information–so why make FirstWord your market knowledge partner?

  • All our information is derived from primary research with experts with proven knowledge and current experience.
  • We harness insights from their first-hand experience and don't pack our reports with secondary information and spurious observations
  • All our reports are based on latest research and we don't reuse or recycle content
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