Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America

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April 2013
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It’s a $66 billion market—and getting bigger every year. The time is ripe for action. Yet for all the appeal and potential returns of investing in Latin America’s burgeoning branded generics market, there are hurdles.

For pharma companies seeking entry into the diverse, complex and emerging Latin American market, challenges exist on all fronts. Consumers have an embedded preference for known brand names or cheap alternatives. The sector is increasingly becoming consolidated. Regulatory reforms continue to favour local manufacturers. And politics across borders are as diverse as official reimbursement policies.

Yet one thing remains constant: The moment to invest in the Latin American branded generics market has arrived.

Like a clear roadmap across complex terrain, Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America offers critical knowledge into how pharmaceutical companies can leverage their global experience into a region transitioning from sales to marketing models. Filled with on-point information and insights into everything from the importance of long-term commitment to building consumer loyalty amongst the rising middle class, the dossier lays bare the issues—and answers—to making profitable in-roads.

Key features of Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America include:

  • Access to local industry experts with extensive operational experience in the Latin American branded generics markets
  • Current intelligence about trends in regulation, pricing, IP and competition across various regions
  • Up-to-date market data for billion-dollar branded pharma markets
  • Case studies examining how successful companies build brand awareness through sports sponsorships and loyalty programmes
  • Insights from innovator companies competing in hospital-driven niches, such as oncology

Key Benefits

The Latin American market promises much to those with a long-term commitment and a deep-seated understanding of regional needs. Understanding those needs is critical for success. While the hurdles are many—and constantly shift as governments change—an agile sales force and sophisticated messaging will gain the upper hand. Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America holds the key to ensuring that success. Amongst the benefits, this report will help you to:

  • Understand how to gain access to the dynamic and evolving $66 billion Latin American pharmaceutical industry
  • Build brand awareness through regional and national cultural tie-ins rather than direct-to-consumer advertising
  • Encourage brand fidelity through loyalty programmes and ‘classic brand’ portfolios
  • Leverage added-value services to combat bioequivalent and cheap alternatives
  • Manage the threat from government-protected industries and avoid saturated markets

Branded Generics: Strategies and Tactics for Winning in Latin America
answers key questions:

  • Who are the key stakeholders, now and going forward?
  • How are branded generics defined in each country?
  • What works best for marketing off-patent drugs?
  • Who represents the greatest challenge—local manufacturers, large retailers or other pharmaceutical companies?
  • What are the key elements to investing in local manufacturing and partnerships?

Selected Quotes

”Buying a generics maker makes sense for large companies; they can optimise their supply chain and have one or two plants that make a lot of different products…but in Mexico it’s the small companies that have done well in generics” Xavier Tello, Independent healthcare industry expert

”As a manufacturer, you should be committed to deliver your product and add value to society. But you also have the business question: in a high-risk market like Venezuela, you have to be there like you do in Brazil…but you also have to face reality” Rodrigo Bonilla, Astellas Pharma

”Patients don’t often differentiate between an original product and a branded generic…most people think they are buying original products.” Karina Mendez, Market Access Manager for Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Argentina

Content Highlights

  • Unique and detailed overview of the current marketplace ¬ its drivers, key disease profiles and potential growth
  • Case studies outlining successful brand awareness and loyalty campaigns
  • Six critically important factors for ensuring success and how to employ them
  • Interviews with key people at global and local companies who have extensive operational experience in the region’s branded drug markets
  • Pharmaceutical market data on five key Latin American markets