Charting MSL Activity and Performance 2019

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September 2019
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  • Understand which MSL activities are seen as being most important in the US and Western Europe
  • Benchmark your own MSL programmes and identify new ways to improve performance
  • Identify the most widely-used performance metrics for evaluating MSL success and effectiveness

For a complete understanding and clear, actionable insights look no further than Charting MSL Activity and Performance 2019. This fully updated and expanded survey of MSL professionals in the US and Western Europe reveals the changing face of MSL activity and the key engagement strategies, responsibilities and performance metrics that are being employed today.

Key questions answered by this survey report

  • At what drug development stage is an MSL team established, how many brands do they handle and how does this differ between the US and Western Europe?
  • How do MSL performance measurement criteria change pre to post launch and what metrics are used to evaluate MSL team performance with respect to KOL engagement, publications, and presentations?
  • Building new KOL relationships is a critical post-launch activity; what other activities are highly rated?
  • What channels of communication with KOLs/physicians are currently used and how are these expected to change over the next 2 years?
  • How much time do MSLs spend communicating with patient advocacy groups and how is this expected to change over the next 2 years?
  • What metrics are companies using to demonstrate MSL value to internal stakeholders and how do they differ between the US and Western Europe?

Learn from MSLs in leading companies

This survey report draws on the responses from senior front line MSLs in leading companies such as…



About the Survey

  • Interview Methodology: Data collected via a 20-minute internet-based questionnaire
  • Screening Criteria: Respondents were screened to ensure that they are MSLs, senior MSLs/team leaders or medical affairs managers/directors
  • Sample Distribution: A total of 69 US/Western European-based MSLs and MSL managers who work for pharmaceutical companies

Who will benefit from this survey report?

  • MSL teams needing to ensure they are employing the latest strategies in their work
  • MSL team managers executing strategy and measuring success
  • Training professionals tasked with developing MSL skills and competence
  • Regulatory teams ensuring compliance
  • Medical education creators using MSL feedback to develop on-target patient and physician materials
  • Medical affairs directors needing to ensure MSL activity and training is appropriately funded

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Firstword's highly-valuable and illuminating ChartViews survey reports unlock critical peer insights and:

  • Provide a unique perspective on key operational issues of importance to pharma
  • Are based on quantitative primary research to reflect the widest range of opinion
  • Reveal the views of screened respondents who are qualified to meaningfully contribute to the survey subject