Closing the Loop: delivering real-world commercial benefit from closed-loop marketing

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January 2013
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Detailed and insightful, the report addresses the heart of the problem for firms using CLM: How can they move from basic data collection to sophisticated CLM that adds transparency to client behaviour to improves marketing effectiveness that drives sales?

To find the answers, FirstWord turned to experts from across the industry that have an intimate knowledge of CLM. Sharing their experience of successful and unsuccessful CLM endeavours, they offer timely information on dealing with multichannel communication, continuous change to marketing and opportunities created by robust CLM. The report offers real-life experiences and best practices with companies who have actually implemented a CLM approach.

This report brings it all together in the various case studies in a highly effective way as it is easy to get the full picture of the experts’ opinions from pilot to implementation to follow-up. It is clear that the road is not always easy, but one worth taking for the rich rewards ‘real’ CLM system can bring. ‘Start small and scale fast while focusing on keeping it simple’ is the main message the reader takes home from the report and the case studies.

The report offers personal insight into the experiences of those at the forefront of detailing in the pharma industry. For those organizations who have already implemented a CLM approach or for those companies looking at moving in this direction, the report is invaluable. It outlines many implementable approaches to build internal stakeholder buy-in during the project phase and also approaches that can be utilized post-implementation to strengthen end user engagement. Anyone in the industry seeking ways to manage the flow of data, extract meaning and clarify the relationships between brand, IT, regulatory and marketing departments will benefit from accessing the finding of this research.

Key features of Closing the Loop: delivering real-world commercial benefit from closed-loop marketing include:

  • Revelations on how pharma companies believe they’re implementing CLM—but are not
  • Frank discussions on the potential opportunities created by CLM
  • Examination of the key stumbling blocks and problems facing companies using CLM
  • Insight from experts working within the CLM environment
  • Tips on how an organisation can learn to accommodate advanced data analysis and continuous change in marketing materials to engage with the customer
  • Case studies of a Fortune 500 company and a mid-sized firm undertaking CLM
  • Details of seven ‘best practices’ strategies

Key Benefits

Setting a new benchmark in CLM knowledge, FirstWord’s report offers comprehensive insights not only into the benefits of CLM, but how to obtain them. This report will help you to:

  • Discover the critical components to implementing successful CLM
  • Understand the difference between basic digital detailing and true closed loop marketing
  • Learn how to overcome the challenges that typically hamper CLM
  • Identify best practices when deploying CLM or optimizing existing capabilities
  • Gain access to up-to-date insight from companies who have rolled out successful CLM
  • Learn how to manage the flow of new materials submitted for approval
  • Understand how collaboration works amongst all departments implementing CLM
  • Discover how manage the relationship between marketing and IT departments more effectively

Closing the loop: delivering real-world commercial benefit from closed-loop marketing
 answers key questions including:
  • How can companies transform the masses of data collected into actionable business insights?
  • How can CLM be coordinated in a multichannel environment?
  • What is the rationale behind using CLM if it is not a cost-saving, and if change is difficult to implement?
  • Of all the channels used to collect data, which is the most important?
  • Can ROI be measured for CLM initiatives, and if so, how can this be accomplished?
  • What are the first steps for implementing CLM effectively?

Selected Quotes

“These days we can get all of the data and all of the analytics that we could ever possibly want. It’s what you do with those analytics and what you actually do to move the product or the project forward in meaningful terms that counts” Global director of sales force effectiveness at a mid-sized healthcare company in Europe.

“As an industry, we’re terrible at segmentation. We tend to create e-details as a one-size-fits-all. One of the things that CLM can help us do is narrow our focus on particular target audiences and then tailor our offerings to those audiences” Benjamin Tilly, digital and multichannel manager, Sanofi.

“Just collecting the data from the interaction is no problem. Many companies are already there. But then the data needs to be brought in-house and cleaned up. Ultimately the data need to be analysed, and here’s what happens in many places: People do more statistics than they do true insight generation. Basically you get How long was the call and Which pages were shown how often and How many minutes the videos were played. That’s not insight, that’s really just data and statistics that are not actionable by themselves. This is where most companies are stuck in the closed-loop marketing cycle.” Marc Valdiviezo, former director of multichannel marketing, Pfizer.