Customer Experience (CX) in Payer and Provider Engagement: How to Score Highly

Publication Date:
June 2016
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It’s time to get serious about improving payer customer experience!  

Are payers and providers getting a positive experience from you? What kind of relationship or agreement works for them? What data do they need to support decisions? What payment models are preferred? Will delivering customer experience (CX) excellence build payer trust and influence?

Get our new report, Customer Experience (CX) in Payer and Provider Engagement: How to Score Highly .

A good payer CX goes way beyond price negotiation to really understanding and supporting payer decision-making and proving brand value. Pharma needs to walk the walk and not just talk the talk and this compelling new report provides a 360-degree analysis of the drivers and challenges for industry.

“Ineffective CX may cause delay in payer decision-making, which complicates forecasting and decreases profits of the company Mete Saylan
Former Executive Director of Market Access & External Affairs, Merck & Co., now MACS Director, Bayer

Answering key questions:

  • Customer Experience Management: What are the key components of a successful payer and provider CX strategy?
  • Multiple Stakeholders? How do stakeholders such as Accountable Care Organisations, Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Integrated Delivery Networks fit into CX improvement planning?
  • It’s not you, it’s me: There is much talk of relationship building as key to delivering a successful CX but what kind of relationship do payers want and are you listening to what they say?
  • Payment Models: What pricing models do individual payers want and are conditional pay-for-performance models the way to gain market access?
  • In the Zone: What are mutual value zones and what CX benefit will they bring to payers? 
  • Real World Data: How can real world data help build trust with often sceptical payers and support value-based pricing?
  • Cross functional: Payer and provider CX is not just the responsibility of KAMs but touches market access, medical and regulatory functions – is that true in your organisation?
  • Technology: How might advanced technology shape pharma/payer relationships in the future and harness big data insights for mutual benefit?

Key Topics Explored

  • Payers have grown in importance to pharma, yet industry too often is pursuing out of date engagement policies that do not reflect current market dynamics
  • Senior management influence is critical for getting payer and provider CX embedded as a core competence in their organisation, yet many are failing to grasp the nettle.
  • There has been a long history of mistrust between payers and pharma: what can pharma do to get its voice heard and really support payers in their decision-making?
  • Payer decision making is a local issue, and CX must be tailored to meeting specific demands.  Listening to what is needed, rather than sending torrents of global messaging and data, is the way forward but a major resource challenge. 

Expert Contributors

  • Neil Aubuchon: Vice President of Global Marketing at Santen
  • Victoria Bates: Customer Operations Director, Pfizer UK
  • Mike Bellis, CCXP: Customer Experience Lead, Pfizer
  • Steve Bradshaw: Managing Director, Valid Insight
  • Mark Duman: Catalyst for Healthcare System Change, MD Healthcare Consultants Ltd
  • Heather Fraser: Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value
  • Chris Isler: Life Science Expert, PA Consulting Group 
  • Philippe Mougin: Director of Public Affairs and Regional Development, Bayer Healthcare
  • Ellie Saxer: Regional Account Manager, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.  
  • Mete Saylan: Executive Director of Market Access & External Affairs, Merck & Co. (recently taken a new job as MACS Director, Bayer)
  • Ramona Sequeira: President, Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.

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