Data Driven Customer Relationship Management In Pharma

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October 2020
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Experts agree data-driven CRM holds the key to achieving true customer centricity

It's already known that data-driven CRM improves and drives forward the customer experience. Pharma has a powerful tool at its disposal, however the key to achieving success in this fast-changing specialist area is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology, techniques and strategies being applied. This report will bring pharma marketers, sales teams and other commercial roles up-to-speed on the key trends today as well as what's on the horizon.

FirstWord researchers selected 8 experts in pharma CRM and conducted detailed interviews to build understanding from their unique perspective. By exploring the current issues at length, new insights were uncovered across key areas, including:

  • Upping the ante: Exactly how is CRM data being used to enhance customer engagement, improve field force effectiveness, and create new commercial opportunities? Find out which pioneering new approaches are expected to deliver the best results.
  • Dig deeper: Understand more about the differences in data-driven CRM systems and how they are used. Create differentiated CRM strategies based on analytics, sales intelligence, collaboration and operational CRM data. Understand the impact of the cloud.
  • What to watch: Find out more about the emerging trends in data-driven CRM across pharma including use of artificial intelligence and chatbots, application interfaces, and use of geo-analytics.

What to expect from this report

Pharma has a strong track record of marketing and building customer relationships—what's changed is how the data revolution has opened up a whole host of new and exciting opportunities. Data Driven Customer Relationship Management in Pharma provides ideas and insight into how to move from simply using CRM data as an 'add-on' to traditional sales activity to it becoming a far more integral and analytical tool that actually transforms customer activity and delivers results.

What did we do?

  • We identified 12 current issues regarding data-driven CRM within pharma
  • We explored these via secondary research to develop 20 targeted questions to put to pharma CRM specialists with up-to-date experience
  • We used all of this to uncover 54 unique new insights
  • Insights are supported by 119 directly quoted comments from experts and 67 source references

Example insight from Data-Driven Customer Relationship Management in Pharma

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly important role in data-driven CRM. AI is being used in several aspects of CRM. It is primarily used for field force management, where it can take over repetitive tasks such as scheduling and provide reps up to date information on their customers. It is also being used for data enrichment, to improve the quality of data used. However, there is potential for wider use of AI. For instance, AI-based chatbots are only being used for customer-facing roles to handle basic queries, while they have the potential to be used to drive decision making both in the field and at the management level. AI also has great potential in determining value-based pricing, where it could be applied to prescribing and purchase behaviours to determine optimal prices."

Example quote from Data-Driven Customer Relationship Management in Pharma

"There is a need for personalized data. It could be based on the environment we are in now, the disease type, tumour type, or focus area—it could be uniquely distinct. Medicine has become so advanced today that personalization is different per engagement and depends on the purpose of the engagement."
Christopher Keenan, Head of Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement and Medical Capabilities at Bristol-Myers Squibb

The expert panel for Data-Driven Customer Relationship Management in Pharma

  • Yigal Aviv is the Multichannel Sales and Marketing Lead for the East Europe Cluster at Pfizer
  • Mohamed Dessouki is the Regional CRM Manager at LEO Pharma, Denmark, where he has successfully rolled out various CRM solutions across the globe
  • Christopher Keenan is the Head of Worldwide Medical Customer Engagement, Medical Capabilities at Bristol-Myers Squibb, US
  • Tarun Kumar is the Director of CRM Strategy and Master Data Management (MDM) Integrations at Novartis, US
  • Laureen Memis is the Customer Experience Lead (Respiratory) at GSK, US
  • Nadeem Younus is the Regional Key Account Manager at Sinclair Pharmaceuticals, UK
  • Anonymous Commercial VP is a senior technology executive of a multinational pharma company in the US
  • Anonymous Market Access Lead is a market access process and customer relationship professional for a leading pharmaceutical company in the UK

Why buy now?

After so much talk about customer centricity, pharma must move on from theoretical discussion and stand-alone projects to integrated and embedded action. Data-driven CRM is the only effective way to truly achieve micro-targeting and personalization. It's already changed relationship management and sales interaction in multiple other sectors; it also has huge potential to transform pharma customer relationships. Pharma must now act decisively to leverage the latest tools and innovative thinking—only then can it finally begin to realize the potential of its customer data.

Why FirstWord reports are different

FirstWord's ExpertViews reports reveal the real world insights of knowledgeable experts to analyze in detail key commercial and market trends that pharma management need to understand if they are to effectively respond to critical developments. These highly-focussed reports:

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