Digital Therapeutics: Taking digital health to a new level

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August 2018
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The Digital Therapeutics field is exploding: what does pharma need to know - and do - to get on board?

Evidence-based and reimbursed digital therapeutics (DTx) are now part of the health delivery landscape. They hold the promise of augmenting or replacing therapies and may show utility in improving patient adherence and in key areas of unmet need such schizophrenia and ADHD. Distinct from the digital programmes and apps that dominate the digital health scene, DTx offer validated patient outcomes and are supported by regulators, appreciated by payers and valuable to clinicians and patients.

Pharma and investors see the potential of DTx and what is required for DTx success is revealed In Digital Therapeutics: Taking digital health to a new level a report in which leading DTx experts help you identify the opportunities, challenges and solutions pharma and DTx developers must focus on.

Experts scan the DTx horizon

  • What sets DTx apart from other digital health technologies?
  • In which therapeutic areas will digital therapeutics have the greatest impact in the short and long term, and why?
  • Medication augmentation or medication replacement - which will have the greatest impact on healthcare delivery and what does this mean for pharma?
  • What needs to be done to help improve the quality and standardisation of data generated by DTx?
  • What should pharma look for in a DTx partner, and why?
  • What evidence-based data do payers require to reimburse DTx?


What DTx experts say…

"Digital therapeutics set themselves apart by the objective of technology, treating a patient and also by reimbursement. Even though we currently see some activities from health insurers to support wellness apps, I guess that the long-lasting reimbursement will be a differentiator for digital therapeutics. This also will lead to different approaches. DTx take longer and are harder to make successful, but if it works out they can create a lot of value in the long run."
EU Expert

"Clinical validation is essential but it all depends on the outcome you're trying to deliver. What you are trying to accomplish? It's not about how many people have downloaded your app – it's what impact you are having on the healthcare outcomes. The best way to demonstrate that is obviously through the peer-reviewed study process, through RCTs and external validation."
US Expert

"There are different ways to access revenue. For those solutions [that help with the early diagnosis/management of a disease] it is harder to secure reimbursement than for a digital therapeutic. In some cases it might be smarter to affect a solution (i.e. the core product) that is already reimbursed and has market access, then the innovation (i.e. the augmenting solution) helps to improve the use of the core product, which leads to differentiation and higher sales. In this case, the augmenting solution gets paid for by the provider based on the added value."
EU Expert

What to expect

  • A detailed report exploring through expert interviews and augmented with case studies the current trend and future opportunities DTx presents for pharma and the practical considerations for successfully bringing a DTx to market
  • An examination of 9 key issues that pharma and DTx developers need to understand and respond to
  • 20 targeted questions put to DTx experts
  • Their perceptive responses that yielded 28 current insights supported by 55 directly quoted comments

Case Studies included

  • WellDoc's BlueStar app
  • Omada Health Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Tilak Healthcare's Odysight
  • Akili's AKL-T01
  • Kaiku Health's digital therapeutics approach in oncology

Expert contributors

  • Adam Brickman, Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Public Policy, Omada Health, USA, a digital therapeutics company specialising in helping individuals prevent and manage chronic conditions, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension
  • Edward Cox, CEO Dthera Sciences, USA, a digital therapeutics company focussing on Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, and Senior Isolation
  • Jörg Land, Managing Director, Sonormed GmbH, , Germany. Sonormed is focused on reimbursed software-based medical devices in the ENT field

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