Innovations in Drug Pricing and Reimbursement 2020

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October 2020
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Evaluating new digital tools and deal structures to drive better commercial outcomes

What are the trends and technologies that could deliver a better understanding of payers' needs and build improved evidence of value? COVID-19 has introduced new pressures into the pricing and reimbursement (P&R) process and has accelerated the use of digital technology. But this has raised new questions. Are virtual payer and advisory board meetings really working? Will innovative AI driven tools really identify evidence gaps and usher in streamlined processes? When would novel approaches such as Novartis' "Day One Access" and Vertex's Portfolio models be appropriate?

To identify the latest innovations in P&R, we interviewed US and European industry experts. In Innovations in Pricing and Reimbursement they examine, in the light of COVID-19, the approaches, technologies and deal structures that are shaping the operating landscape for successful P&R.

Experts explore latest P&R innovations:

  • What actions can companies take to mitigate against tougher HTA and P&R negotiations?
  • Winners and losers: how and where has COVID-19 impacted the P&R landscape?
  • What can companies do to get the most out of digital monitoring of P&R and HTA?
  • What strategies can companies employ to get the most out of digital stakeholder engagement?
  • Which innovative tools and services can be harnessed for digital evidence generation planning?
  • What are the pros and cons of novel deal structures like Vertex's Portfolio agreements?

What industry experts say

"It's more difficult to read between the lines on a computer screen. The more sensitive the issues you want to discuss then you want to have a face-to-face meeting. The more you shift the discussions from horizon scanning and into evidence and then into the negotiations, when it's the numbers, the pricing, is where it's more important to have face-to-face interactions. You need to make your offers and to probe to get counter-proposals."
Senior market access director, Germany

"Day one access programmes may set a precedent, but that can be good or bad. This might be a way to manoeuvre for a better final deal by getting agreement in principle to a temporary deal. The company might be willing to loss lead a little because it's only temporary. But the company might fall into the pitfall of then when it comes to negotiating a final deal, having that held up as a benchmark. So there are commercial pros and cons."
Market access director, UK

"The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) include manufacturers, payers and others. The AMCP dossier, the paper version, is usually, say 150 pages, and comes out when a new product is launched. It includes everything from the clinical evidence base, it includes the economic value, budget impact. All of that is in the dossier. So this new digital platform will have the AMCP dossier in it. It offers the ability to learn about the product, but also to cross reference to learn about other products in the same therapeutic category. The interesting thing with the AMCP platform is that when I am launching a product I will be able to put in my analogues so that payer can look at my product through that lens, not just the sole category for my product. We can buy a learning place and we can feed in information."
VP, market access, HEOR and public policy, US

What to expect

A detailed report revealing expert insights on the innovative approaches and digital technologies that are influencing successful P&R practice.

  • An examination of 6 key issues that are impacting P&R strategy and practice
  • 12 targeted questions put to US and European industry experts
  • Their responses which provided 33 insights supported by 97 directly quoted comments

Deliverables: Includes PDF report and PowerPoint slide deck

Innovations in Pricing and Reimbursement is delivered as:

  • A detailed PDF report including all insights, quotes and intelligence exhibits
  • A useful PowerPoint slide deck providing a summary of the report's key findings for presentations and sharing with colleagues.

Expert contributors

Experts contributing to this report have been screened to ensure they:

  • Are currently working in a pharmaceutical company in one of the top five European markets ( France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) or in the US
  • Have direct experience of market access functions
  • Have knowledge of current approaches to pricing and reimbursement

Experts interviewed included:

  • A Key Account Manager with 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. They are currently working at a global biotechnology company focused on rare treatments and based in France.
  • A Senior Market Access Director with over 25 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. They are current working at a global pharmaceutical company that is in the top 10 for global sales based in Germany.
  • A Vice President of market access, health economics and outcomes research and public policy at a biotechnology company based in the US. They have more than 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A Head of Market Access and Health Care Affairs in Germany at a pharmaceutical company that is in the top 20 by global sales. They have 13 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A Market Access Director with 15 years' experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. They are currently working at a pharmaceutical company based in the UK.
  • A Market Access Director with 15 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry. They are currently working in a top 20 pharmaceutical company by global sales based in the UK.
  • A global Market Access and Pricing Manager with over ten years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. They currently work at a pharmaceutical company based in Italy.

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