Market Access Team Management: driving exceptional performance

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August 2014
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The demands on market access teams are growing rapidly as the specific needs of key stakeholders grow ever greater.  How do you structure and manage your market access team for best results and evaluate their success?

Heath Technology Assessments (HTAs), clinician buy-in, pricing, reimbursement and informed patient groups present a complex and demanding cocktail of challenges, often nuanced by local practice and custom.  With new developments such as value-based assessments likely to change the operating landscape again, the industry must be fully aware of current and future issues which are driving change and the need for a flexible, integrated approach to their market access work.

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Find Answers to Important Questions

Learn the prerequisites for market access success through key insights from leading industry experts and instructive case histories.

  • What does “market access” really mean?
  • How should companies structure their teams for local success in a global market?
  • What are the benefits of building integrated multi-disciplinary teams?
  • Assessment techniques of market access success are many – what are their advantages?
  • At what stage in a products development should market access considerations be discussed?
  • What positive role can outsource agencies and independent experts play, and when should they be used?
  • How can companies adapt global messages and data to local market conditions without duplicating work?
  • How can market access teams influence regulators, clinicians and patients to ensure wide availability of their products at a reimbursable price they want?

Key Takeaways

  • Inform decisions on market access team building and structures
  • Understand and suggest methods and criteria for assessing success
  • Ensure effective communications between teams and centralised departments
  • Optimise the creation and use of supporting material and clinical data
  • Engage appropriately with outsource agencies at a time when you most need them
  • Understand the current dynamic of market access and the increasing impact of HTA and newer evaluation models such as value-based assessments

Report Topics Covered

  • Current and ever widening definition of market access
  • Team structure assessment best suited for your organisation and products
  • Why centralised production of messages, dossiers, pathways and benefits may no longer be fit for purpose in all markets
  • Using local knowledge to smooth HTA assessment, negotiate prices, maximise clinical adoption and engage with patient communities
  • When the tactical use of external experts will be beneficial
  • How to anticipate future developments and challenges

To learn more about the report by viewing sample pages and a list of experts interviewed, click here.