MSL Teams: Field Force size and structure (2019)

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March 2019
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  • What factors determine the optimum MSL field-based team size and structure?
  • How many brands should MSL field-based teams represent and what constitutes an acceptable territory?
  • What educational background and experience should field-based MSLs have and how is this reflected in compensation packages?
  • What changes are expected over the next two years?

The role field-based MSLs play in communicating the value and science of complex therapies to opinion leaders and stakeholder groups is crucial and senior management are challenged to ensure their MSL teams are optimally provided for in terms of staff and resources.

MSL Teams: Field Force Size and Structure (2019) is based on a survey of 100 MSLs. The report delivers critical data for you to benchmark your own MSL field-force team structure and understand the trends that are shaping the MSL operational landscape in the US and Western Europe.

MSLs explore key questions…

  • What territory size do the majority of MSLs cover?
  • Territory size? Numbers of brands supported? Number of opinion leader relationships? What factors determine the size of the MSL team and which ones are most important?
  • How is the availability of, and demand for, real world evidence expected to impact MSL team size over the next 2 years?
  • 1? 3? 5? What is the average number of brands supported by an MSL team and how does practice in the US and Western Europe differ?
  • What are the educational profiles of US and Western European MSLs and what insights do these stats have for team building and recruitment?
  • Being an MSL in the US is significantly more financially rewarding than it is in Europe; what does the survey reveal about compensation and experience levels?
  • What are the drivers impacting the budgets allocated to field-based MSL teams?

Learn from MSLs in leading companies

This survey report draws on the responses of senior front-line MSLs from leading companies such as…


Benefit from the insights of 100 experienced MSL leaders

This survey is based on the responses of 100 US/Western Europe (50 US; 50 WE)-based MSLs, senior MSLs, team leaders, managers and heads of department working in the pharmaceutical industry.

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