Patient Journey Mapping for Market Access

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September 2018
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Which market access teams will be first to unlock the power of patient journey mapping?

There's no doubt that market access has evolved significantly in recent years, but there is so much more to be done. What some forward-thinking teams are now considering is the potential of resource already within their business: patient journey mapping. Traditionally the domain of the marketeers, patient journey mapping may be the key to resolving current MA dilemmas such as gaining real world evidence, improving adherence and demonstrating how value is gained. Patient journey mapping is already being done within every pharma company…so how can market access build their case for getting involved?

During June and July 2018, we carried out in-depth interviews with 8 patient journey experts in the US and Europe to find out how patient journey mapping is being used and its impact and potential for market access. The key issues explored included:

  • Can market access break into the sales triangle? How are the lines between marketing and market access being blurred? Where is the common ground where patient journey mapping activity could support both disparate functions?
  • Identifying key data sets: Crucial to market access is the gathering of useful, meaningful data for payers. But data collation and management is expensive and time-consuming. In which three key areas can current patient journey mapping activity specifically help?
  • Blueprint for market access: How to adopt patient journey mapping within market access; key elements to look for; benefits, challenges and best practice; stakeholder engagement; and recommendations.
  • Early adopter advantage: Using patient journey mapping for market access is still in its infancy. What are the quick wins that can move your market access team further forward?


What to expect from this report

This frank and honest insight into patient journey mapping for market access makes important reading for pharma, not only for market access teams but for marketers, payer liaison, data managers and others. Find out what the experts closest to the patient journey are saying about how the data is currently being used and, most importantly, how it could be realigned to also address core market access challenges.

Download Patient Journey Mapping for Market Access and start building your patient-centric market access strategy.

How did we do it?

  • We identified the 9 current issues relating to patient journey mapping for market access
  • We explored these via an average of 36 targeted questions put to each expert
  • Their responses provided 27 unique new insights
  • Insights are supported by 74 directly quoted comments plus an additional 6 sources


Example insight included in Patient Journey Mapping for Market Access

Patient journey mapping is invaluable when it comes to the identification of patient unmet needs. The process uncovers fundamental issues with current therapy, such as adherence and side effects, and ensures that companies developing new treatments can design products that minimise or avoid these challenges. It also highlights patient pain points and why these are an issue for patients, providing pharmaceutical companies with the tools to develop appropriate solutions. Manufacturers can also use patient journey mapping to qualify and quantify the impact a disease and its treatment have on both patients and, significantly, on carers, family and friends. Patient journey mapping highlights areas where interventions can help carers which, by association, can boost patient outcomes as the carer is better able to take an active role in managing their patient's disease.

Example quote included in Patient Journey Mapping for Market Access

"What market access is increasingly about is demonstrating to the payer that the drug that you're trying to sell has effectiveness in the real world. We're moving from making our case based on clinical trials only, to working with the payers in utilising real world data to really demonstrate that the product will work in real life in the actual real world settings. We need to be sharp about the patient journey in terms of where are the patients that you're examining, where in the patient journey does the drug provide the best benefit. It is good practice to be clear about where the drug adds extra value in the patient journey–for example, in relation to optimising patient adherence."

The expert panel for Patient Journey Mapping for Market Access

  • Global Head of Marketing, Oncology, Major Pharmaceutical Company – Europe (UK)
  •  Lead on Patient Reported Outcomes, and Chief Patient Officer, Academia – Europe (Scananavia)
  • Customer Solutions Manager, Major Pharmaceutical Company – Europe (Ireland)
  • Rolf Benirschke, Co-Founder and Chief Patient Officer, Legacy Health Strategies – US
  • Gabor Purman, Associate Director Teva Global Patient Solutions – Europe
  • Vice President, Global Marketing, Major Pharmaceutical Company – US
  • Head of marketing for a pharmaceutical firm – US
  • Mike Rea, CEO IDEA Pharma – US

Why buy now?

Payers are keen to see a patient-led approach, yet the vast majority of market access teams are not yet engaged with patient journey mapping. This report looks at the opportunity and explores why this powerful tool isn't being used to its full potential. Yet. Although market access may not be involved enough right now, whoever leverages this opportunity first will be able to deliver information that is meaningful and powerful for payers–and that will offer a very real competitive advantage.

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