Payer Engagement: Benchmarking Team Structure and Activity 2019

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October 2019
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  • Is your payer engagement team appropriately experienced and resourced?
  • What are the drivers that influence payer engagement team size and structure?
  • What are the emerging challenges payer engagement teams will face and how will it impact them?

Winning payer support for formulary position, reimbursement and optimum pricing is a battle payer engagement teams encounter daily. But in the face of ever-changing payer demands for evidence of value, real-world data and increasingly complex contracting, how does your payer engagement team shape up when compared to industry peers?

Payer Engagement: Benchmarking Team Structure and Activity 2019 is a comprehensive survey of 85 payer engagement professionals in the US and Western Europe which reveals the changing face of payer communications and identifies the team activities, structure and engagement strategies that are being successfully employed by leading companies.

Key questions answered by this survey report:

  • How many people are responsible for payer engagement and how many support each brand at any one time?
  • Complexity of contracting? Competition? Customer budget restrictions? What factors determine the number of staff required for engagement with payers and how might this change in the coming years?
  • By how much is the level of engagement with payers expected to change over a product's life cycle and how does this vary between the US and Western Europe?
  • Market Access? KAM? HEOR? What experience provides the best background for transitioning to a payer engagement role?
  • What proportion of the market access budget is currently allocated to payer engagement and is this expected to increase, decrease or stay the same over the next two years?

About the Survey

  • Interview methodology: Data collected via an internet-based questionnaire
  • Survey conducted: 6 August - 4 September 2019
  • Screening criteria: Respondents were screened to ensure that they were either directly responsible for engaging with payers or supporting colleagues who engage with payers.
  • Sample distribution: A total of 85 (40 US; 45 WE) US/Western European respondents working in pharmaceutical companies.

Informed by leading companies

Payer engagement professionals in the US and Western Europe contributed to the report. Among the leading companies taking part were:



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