Pharma and the mHealth Revolution - engaging with mobile-enabled physicians and HCPs

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February 2013
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The media’s dubbed them ‘a doctor in your pocket’ and ‘health care helpers’. Yet despite the explosion of mobile apps in other industries, pharma has generally been slow to exploit the possibilities they represent. What are the hurdles facing the industry and who are the leaders overcoming them? How can companies develop a mHealth approach that both addresses end-user needs and key messaging? What does pharma need to know about regulatory and legal hurdles?

Offering a compelling case for pharma to firmly establish its voice in mHealth, the report contains detailed insight into the opportunities app development represents. Encompassing the full range of questions demanded by the industry, the report includes expert insight from both those in pharma currently working ahead of the curve and mHealth developers themselves.

Whether your company is looking to expand into mHealth apps or seeking sound advice on a way forward, Pharma and the mHealth Revolution - engaging with mobile-enabled physicians and HCPs has the answers. Key features of this report include:

  • Convincing arugments for further involvement from pharma in developing mHealth apps for healthcare providers
  • Detailed insight into five major pharma mHealth projects
  • Methodologies for determining the platforms on which mHealth apps should be launched
  • Advice on how to maximise end-users needs to make mHealth products popular with health care professionals
  • Insight into navigating legal, regulatory and intellectual property issues
  • Solid predictions of future mHealth growth
  • Case study of how one major pharma company has evolved its mHealth strategy

Key Benefits

Concisely written and expertly researched, this FirstWord Dossier report succinctly addresses the issues surrounding the emerging mHealth industry—and finds the answers. This report will help you to:

  • Discover how to develop an mHealth approach that aligns with company goals
  • Learn the key lessons of optimising apps and websites for healthcare providers
  • Learn how to navigate the main road bumps, including legal, regulatory and intellectual property issues
  • Gain insight into what the leaders in the field know and how they're making mHealth apps work for them
  • Get access to detailed case studies from companies such as Eli Lily, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, AliveCor, and GSK

Pharma and the mHealth Revolution - engaging with mobile-enabled physicians and HCPs
answers key questions including:

  • When should a pharma company enter the mHealth market?
  • What approach should be taken in answering both company strategy and end-user needs?
  • What are the main hurdles facing the industry and how can they be overcome?
  • What realities do app designers for international markets face?
  • How can apps be developed for maximum usage across HCPs?
  • What are the guidelines for designing apps for tablet or smartphones?

Selected Quotes

“The business case for pharma to engage in mHealth makes a lot of sense.  But pharma has been quite slow to really embrace things in mobile health in a strategic or systematic way.” Dr. Patricia Mechael, executive director, mHealth Alliance

“There is substantial opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to be involved; it’s just that they have to walk that fine line between providing a service to the patient population and having what they’re doing viewed as just a kind of marketing.  As soon as it gets perceived as the latter, all the alarm bells will go off.” Dr. Satish Misra, managing editor, iMedicalApps