Real-World Data Capabilities: Benchmarking Pharma Companies (2019)

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June 2019
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Are you fully and efficiently exploiting real-world data across your business?

The impact of real-world data (RWD) is growing but few companies are fully exploiting its potential across all clinical and commercial areas. While most companies are focusing their RWD efforts towards meeting the evidence requirements of payers, RWD is also being used to define clinical research and optimize market access and commercialization strategies. As advancing digital technologies open new ways to integrate and interrogate structured and unstructured data, pharma must continue to invest in their RWD capabilities and overcome the internal and external barriers to progress.

In Real-World Data Capabilities: Benchmarking Pharma Companies (2019) experienced RWD executives from leading companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi, J&J and Teva assess current RWD applications and identify the data collection, technology and evaluation capabilities that are essential to realizing the full value of RWD.

RWD experts tackle key questions

  • How are RWD capabilities being leveraged to meet the demands of value-based healthcare?
  • Drug development? Clinical trial design? Patient experience management? Where are RWD capabilities being applied?
  • What technological upgrades and data science capabilities have been invested in to gain RWD competence and what analytical skills do companies need to develop?
  • What internal and external talents and expertise are required to optimize RWD capabilities and can they be acquired?
  • What are the necessary changes to cross-functional communication/collaboration within organizations to ensure the successful adoption of RWD capabilities?

What our experts say…

"It is fair to say that commercial functions have embraced RWD more, and R&D less so. Those closer to the 'coalface' are responding to the need to generate RWE."
Nigel Hughes, Janssen Clinical Innovation, Belgium

"There are many new areas that are coming from technology that are not yet completely well-established, such as blockchain and quantum computing, which would definitely allow us to use real-world data in a very different way in the future."
Bernard Hamelin, Sanofi, France

"If the [RWD] field is evolving so fast, it requires a very deep technical expertise that we couldn't hire enough folks to do. Great data scientists are scarce, and so you are competing with many of the technology companies for that same talent. The only way to really make up for that or to really address that particular challenge is to effect partnerships with companies who have those analytical capabilities, so we don't deviate too much from our core competency. We are working with folks that really do that for a living."
Christopher Boone Pfizer, US

"Traditionally, we've been leveraging RWD capabilities to demonstrate value for our products and, specifically, value from a payer standpoint. We are now looking at how we leverage the data with regulators, thinking about some of the things that are happening on the FDA and EMA sides. Of course, there are other areas we look at as well – from a provider and patient standpoint. We're focused on value elements that are part of the value story geared towards patients."
Riad Dirani Teva, US

Case studies included

  • Novartis centre of excellence for RWE
  • Sanofi invests in the Darwin platform
  • Pfizer and Concerto HealthAI for RWE generation
  • The OHDSI project
  • IMI Harmony's pre-competitive collaboration

What to expect

  • A detailed report revealing the insights of pharma industry experts for building and exploiting RWD capabilities across a company's organization
  • An examination of 8 key issues drug developers need to understand to fully optimize RWD
  • 17 targeted questions put to industry experts
  • Their perceptive responses that provide 60 insights supported by 136 directly quoted comments

Expert contributors

This report harnesses the critical insights of senior pharma executives directly engaged in the collection and interpretation of RWD. In some cases their identities have been kept anonymous to ensure free and frank expression of views.

  • Christopher Boone has held the role of Vice President and Head of Real-World Data & Analytics at Pfizer, US, since October 2017. He has strong expertise as a RWD executive, with previous roles at the American Heart Association, Health Data Consortium and Avalere Health. His team are responsible for expanding the strategic use of RWD throughout the business, increasing the innovative use of RWD and establishing appropriate governance models. Recognized within the industry for his expertise, Boone has spoken at numerous high-profile conferences on advancing healthcare through the use of RWE.
  • Riad Dirani is the Vice President of Global Health Economic and Outcomes Research (HEOR) at Teva Pharmaceuticals, US, where he has been for 5 years. He holds a PhD in Health Services Research/Health Economics and has over 20 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, including positions with Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, GSK and Sanofi. Within his current role, Riad is committed to structuring the global HEOR group and developing and executing HEOR and RWD research to optimize Teva's global influence.
  • Anonymous Director of Real-World Value & Evidence works at Johnson & Johnson, US. With over 10 years’ experience in HEOR specialities, including pharmacoeconomics, patient-reported outcomes, global value dossiers and comparative effectiveness research, this expert has developed these skills at leading pharma companies. The expert has vast experience in generating and integrating evidence-based strategies to address medical policy changes and support market access for new medical innovation.
  • Bernard Hamelin is the Vice President and Head of Evidence Generation at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, France, where his responsibility is to deliver evidence that demonstrates the value of Sanofi products. He also drives innovative and collaborative activities to engage with the changing landscape of healthcare and to improve patient outcomes. He has over 27 years of experience in the healthcare industry, including almost 6 years as European Medical Director and 3 years as Head of Global Medical Affairs at AstraZeneca.
  • Nigel Hughes is the Scientific Director at Janssen Clinical Innovation, where he uses his 30 years of healthcare and pharma experience and knowledge to develop marketing strategies and new diagnostic solutions for personalized medicine via bioinformatic tools, health information technologies, and biomarkers in infectious and chronic diseases. With a focus on RWE, Hughes works on the IMI European Medical Information Framework, developing digital cohorts and integrating RWE into quantitative sciences programs.
  • Aseel Bin Sawad is the Senior Manager for Health Economics and Value Assessment at Sanofi, US, where he is responsible for implementing the strategic objectives of immunology products in dermatology and respiratory areas during development, launch, and lifecycle management. As a strategy-driven health economist, his strength is in the development, communication and implementation of HEOR strategies to support product value propositions and market access.
  • Michael Seewald is the Vice President and Global Head of Real-World Evidence and Digital at Novartis, Switzerland. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, primarily with Bayer and Novartis. His current role within Novartis is to head the Centre of Excellence for Real World Evidence, where he is committed to using RWE to better understand and improve patient health outcomes and to innovate healthcare towards cost-effective solutions.
  • Anonymous is a Director of RWD at a large, top 10 pharmaceutical company. He has over 15 years' experience in big data, advanced analytics, R&D/drug development, and patient care. He is adept at using RWD to educate stakeholders, gather business insights and advance drug development.

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