Sampling: A key business driver in a multi-channel environment

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July 2012
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This cutting-edge report takes a close look at the changes happening in the world of brand sampling, starting with a review of the major trends in this space that are pushing sampling to adapt to the digital age.

After summarising the key advantages of multi-channel sampling, sampling strategies are discussed, with up-to-the-minute examples and case studies from Pharma. The report also offers advice to companies debating whether to “build or buy” multi-channel operations, and provides invaluable details on potential roadblocks to effective implementation.

Industry experts – including experienced executives at Pharma companies that are leading the way in digital sampling, and representatives of leading third-party vendors – offer exclusive insights into recent successes and current best practices.

Finally, this comprehensive report also examines the trend towards coupons and vouchers, and makes predictions for the future of product sampling.

Key features of Sampling: A key business driver in a multi-channel environment include:

  • An overview of the major trends affecting sampling strategies, including the rise in multi-channel operations and increasing acceptance of trial vouchers over physical samples
  • Breakdown of sample acceptance by therapeutic area
  • Sample optimisation strategies
  • Build or buy? What can Pharma learn from the leading vendors of sampling solutions?
  • Case study on integrating the sales force into multi-channel sampling
  • Challenges of the Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) requirements in a multi-channel environment
  • Effect of the Sunshine provisions in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) on physician acceptance of samples
  • Examination of the rising importance of vouchers and co-pay coupons

Key Benefits

In an age of digital, multi-channel marketing, sampling has remained largely within the domain of sales reps, in spite of evidence that an optimised, centralised multi-channel sampling operation can enhance reach and significantly reduce costs.

Many other factors are putting pressure on traditional sampling practices, including greater transparency required by the “Sunshine act”, a reduced sales force, physicians’ growing reluctance to accept or manage samples, and the increasing popularity of vouchers and coupons. This report will help you to:

  • Learn how to implement more intelligent sampling strategies
  • Plan resources more effectively
  • Understand the dynamics in favour of vouchers
  • Know what it takes to be compliant with both the PDMA and the PPACA
  • Learn new ways to leverage your sales force
  • Better assess the range of commercial options at any stage of the transition process to full multi-channel operations
  • Understand and avoid/overcome the roadblocks on the way to full multi-channel operations
  • Find ways to champion central sampling operations

Sampling: A key business driver in a multi-channel environment
answers key questions including:

  • What is the right channel mix for a particular brand?
  • How much focus should be put on sales rep distribution vs. other channels?
  • How can companies best coordinate orders?
  • Build or buy? (Vendors of virtual sampling solutions offer many advantages, but at a price).
  • How will a shift to multi-channel sampling affect our sales force?
  • Physical samples vs. free-trial vouchers?
  • Free-trial vouchers vs. co-pay coupons?
  • What systems need to be in place to comply with the new reporting requirements under the PPACA?

Selected Quotes

”Pharma companies were reluctant to take sampling out of the control of the sales force. … What has finally happened in the past two to three years is the leadership of pharma has realised the selling model was not only broken but that they had to do something about it.” Tom Quinn, general manager of e-sampling, Physicians Interactive

“Our expertise is not in the development of software and that’s typically what these other companies offer us. So to utilise them as a vehicle to get the samples available and to provide reports back to us, is a very positive move. We want to concentrate on developing products for healthcare” Kathy Pettinato, assistant director of sampling operations, Astellas

“There are very few pharma companies that have a business group in charge of managing sampling centrally. And that’s a main roadblock stopping companies to take their multi-channel sampling operations to the next level” A Big Pharma multi-channel leader

“For me, vouchering is the best method to come out in the past 20 years because it gives pharmacists a chance to evaluate all the medicines a patient is on and maybe prevent a hazardous interaction … If a prescriber gives them a sample, that’s throwing a potential time bomb into the mix and no one has any checks and balances on that” Gary Thornton, SFA systems contractor