The Role of Medical Affairs in a Successful Commercial Launch

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November 2015
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Drive greater product launch success by fully engaging the medical affairs department. Ensure maximum exposure and positive uptake of new therapies by harnessing their talents in scientific interpretation, evidence gathering, trial planning and KOL/payer engagement.

The Role of Medical Affairs in a Successful Commercial Launch is a research-based expert views report for industry management who must plan and execute product launch strategies. The report is packed with actionable insights on how and where medical affairs can play a critical role in pre and post launch. Learn from the experience of 8 medical affairs professionals working for major pharma/biotech companies in the US and Europe - see who they are now.

Answering Key Questions:

  • Early engagement: KOLs play a critical role in the clinical development of a product. At what development stage should medical affairs get involved as the potential new product progresses to launch?
  • Late-stage study design: Phase III studies are critical for gaining regulatory approval – how can medical affairs help refine trial design?
  • Involvement with launch planning: In what ways can medical affairs support their commercial colleagues and when should they get involved with launch planning?
  • Evidence gathering: How do medical affairs studies contribute to a successful launch and how can “real world” studies help refine the value proposition?
  • Effective communications: In which areas can medical affairs be influential when developing communication strategies that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders?
  • Getting the message across: How can medical affairs play a critical role in training MSLs and commercial staff to ensure consistent and evidence-based product messaging?
  • Post launch involvement: The broadening role of medical affairs after launch is becoming critical. Where, how and why?
  • Market Access: What are the arguments for medical affairs taking a wider role in market access?

With This Report You Will Be Able To:

  • Know why it is critical to involve medical affairs throughout the clinical development phase of a drug.
  • Harness your medical team’s expertise for optimum product positioning.
  • Build a powerful evidence-based case for your product through well thought out studies and research.
  • Benefit from real world knowledge gained by MSL engagement with clinical experts and stakeholders.
  • Use medical affairs to establish clear evidence-based communications and consistent product messaging.
  • Appreciate to what extent medical affairs activity now goes well beyond data dissemination and governance.
  • Understand key internal challenges medical affairs departments face.

Key Topics Explored

  • How medical affairs can play a greater role in market access and payer engagement.
  • Medical affairs teams are trusted in the health community and knowing how to leverage their high-level stakeholder contacts can bring real commercial advantage.
  • Medical affairs see the bigger picture and can often identify opportunities and issues that highly focussed R&D/commercial teams miss.
  • Medical affairs is the bridge between R&D and commercial, and bring benefits and insights to both.
  • Medical affairs teams often struggle to secure sufficient funding and value recognition for their ever widening workload – is this a lesson for senior management?
  • Bottom line: With deeper market knowledge than R&D and commercial teams, medical affairs can add real value from product concept to Phase III trials and beyond.

Expert Contributors To The Report:

  • Global Medical Affairs Director – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Vice-President of Medical Affairs, US – Medium-sized Pharma Company
  • Medical Director – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Former Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs Europe and Canada – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Global Medical Affairs Lead – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Franchise Head, Medical Communications – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Executive Medical Director, Medical Affairs – Top 10 Pharma Company
  • Global Head of R&D and Medical Affairs – Biotech Company
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