Trends and Innovations in Lifecycle Management

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February 2015
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Trends and Innovations in Lifecycle Management (LCM) provides actionable insight from leading LCM experts ​which pharma industry planners and marketers​ can use to help develop, refine and execute LCM strategy for brands at multiple stages of their lifecycle.

Based on interviews with eight leading LCM experts who are actively engaged in driving and delivering LCM strategy today, gain insights on current LCM practice and learn from their practical experience to understand key considerations for developing, establishing and managing an effective LCM strategy.

With the regulatory complexity and cost of bringing new drugs to market soaring, it’s critical that pharma companies are able to maximise the value of their product portfolios.  Historically, LCM has been focused primarily on market expansion and product life extension, with most of the activity employed in the latter part of a product’s lifecycle. 

A new way of thinking is emerging; pharma and biotech companies are now more focused on product protection and differentiation as strategies of delivering real value to all key stakeholders in the healthcare system. Proactivity is the name of the game, rather than being reactive to market events.

Trends and Innovations in Lifecycle Management offers unique and actionable expert insights into how you can employ a successful LCM strategy for maximum impact and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Get Answers to Key Questions

  • When should LCM planning start -– and why?
  • How can late stage clinical trials be used to support the overall LCM strategy for a brand?
  • What metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) should be used to track performance and refine an LCM strategy as a brand evolves?
  • How will engaging and learning from payer and clinical stakeholders pay dividends, and at what stage of a product’s lifecycle must these stakeholders be engaged?
  • What’s the optimal team structure for an effective LCM strategy: aligned with product management, assigned to dedicated teams or should cross-functional working be employed?
  • Why does building and sharing market data and analytics play a pivotal role in keeping an LCM strategy on track?
  • What are the most effective and meaningful ways of measuring and assessing the outcomes of an LCM strategy?
  • What’s the optimal balance between global oversight and national control of a LCM strategy?
  • How can short-term and conservative corporate attitudes toward LCM be challenged and changed so that LCM strategies are aligned with the needs of the brand, franchise and company?

Top Benefits

  • Understand the key considerations for developing, establishing and managing an effective LCM strategy
  • Learn from case histories and market examples of best-in-class LCM practice
  • Challenge short-term and conservative thinking in your organization
  • Pioneer the establishment of good LCM practice in your organisation or brand team
  • Establish an effective LCM structure to ensure that insights from a wide range of stakeholders are included in LCM planning
  • Identify the critical “must have” elements around LCM organisation, research, stakeholder dialogue, market data, analytics and measurement

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Experts Interviewed

  • Global Brand Director; European pharmaceutical company
  • Director of Global Marketing; US pharmaceutical company
  • Chief Patent Counsel; European biotechnology company
  • LCM Director; Supply Chain Management; European pharmaceutical company
  • Director of LCM; European pharmaceutical company
  • Director of LCM; US pharmaceutical company
  • Industry consultant (former Director of LCM, European pharmaceutical company)
  • Industry expert and thought leader

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