Trends and Innovations in Patient Adherence

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March 2015
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Taking the right dose of the right medicine at the right time is key to improving health outcomes, so why do so many patients fail to adhere to their treatment programme?

Trends and Innovations in Patient Adherenceis a thought-provoking and comprehensive report for everyone involved in ensuring patients comply with taking their medicines.  The report provides extensive background information and is enriched by case studies.  Most importantly, the report reveals the candid opinions of 16 leading experts from the pharma industry, health payers and patient advocacy groups in the US and Europe that present business-critical insights for pharma.

If one issue unites health payers, clinicians and the pharma industry, it is patient adherence.  Clinicians want the best possible outcome for their patients, health payers need to ensure health spending is optimised and the industry wants clinical outcomes to reflect the safety and efficacy seen in trials.  However a number of patients decide - for a variety of reasons – not to take their medicines as directed.  The consequential cost of poor patient adherence is considerable, and changing behaviours is proving a challenge.

How can pharma improve its education and patient adherence programmes? What role can patient advocacy groups play? How do health payers assess value for money?  What part could technological innovations play in modifying patient behaviour?   Get answers to these questions in this new report.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the many and diverse drivers of patient non-compliance behaviour
  • Formulate strategies to improve adherence in specific patient groups
  • Assess the attitudes of health payers to non-adherence and identify collaborative opportunities to tackle it
  • Learn of multi-functional approaches to creating effective adherence programmes
  • Appreciate the importance of monitoring outcomes to support programmes and encourage use
  • Understand the technical innovations that will underpin drives to improve adherence and monitoring
  • Plan effective patient adherence programmes to ensure support is appropriate and sustained

Gain Answers to Critical Questions

  • What is the current understanding of the clinical, social, economic and personal factors that lead to poor patient adherence?
  • Is patient adherence all about the cost for health payers, and how do payers view current patient adherence programmes? How might patient non-adherence influence product strategies and research programmes?
  • What are the benefits of industry, patient groups and clinicians working together to develop optimal approaches for both acute and chronic conditions?
  • Digital innovations such as messaging reminders, electronic pill dispensers and smart pills can improve adherence and provide clinical feedback – where, how and when might they be used for best advantage?
  • What are the critical success factors for patient adherence programmes, and how will they evolve in the near future?

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the views and needs of health payers and patient groups when formulating patient education and support programmes
  • Review case studies on how industry is tackling the challenges
  • Identify the key behavioural drivers that lead to patient non adherence
  • Appreciate how digital innovation will influence this key area of industry
  • Key recommendations to maximise success of adherence programmes

Report Features

  • Knowledgeable and detailed “real world” opinions of 16 leading experts working daily in the patient adherence field across the US and Europe
  • Illustrative case studies demonstrating different approaches
  • A thought provoking assessment of the challenges for tackling patient non-compliance and how views in Europe and US differ
  • Critical insights for planning, marketing, brand management and stakeholder engagement

Expert Contributors


  • European medical affairs manager at a global biopharmaceutical company
  • European marketing manager at a global pharmaceutical company
  • Global marketing manager at a major pharmaceutical company
  • Head of patient engagement, European pharmaceutical company


  • Pharmacy director at a national health insurer, US
  • Chief medical officer, managed care organisation (MCO), US
  • Vice president of a national pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), US
  • Medicines optimisation and prescribing lead at a large NHS clinical commissioning group (CCG), UK
  • Pharmacy director, France
  • Chief pharmacist, Italy
  • Chief pharmacist, Spain
  • Anonymous German KOL

Patient Opinion Leaders

  • Director, European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI)
  • Board member of the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA)
  • Chief Executive of a myeloma support organisation
  • Founder and president of online community and resource centre for cancer patients, survivors and families

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