Trends in Digital Pharma Marketing

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January 2019
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What are the trends and developments that will drive pharma's digital marketing initiatives?

  • What are the trends that are shaping digital pharma marketing?
  • How will increased investment be used to drive the digital marketing agenda
  • How are digital marketing channels being employed with specific stakeholders?
  • What are the key challenges that digital marketing teams are facing?

With its ability to cost-effectively target and influence key stakeholders, digital marketing is firmly established as a key marketing channel. No surprise, then, that over 50% of the companies who responded to this new survey expect to double their marketing budgets for digital campaigns by 2023. But which channels are important and which stakeholder are being targeted? What are the key challenges that are impacting digital marketing plans?

For a complete understanding of the trends that are driving digital marketing activity we surveyed 100 US and Western European pharma digital marketing professionals and presented the findings of this research in Trends in Digital Pharma Marketing.

Benchmark your company's performance:

  • Physicians? Patients? Payers? Which stakeholders will see increases in personal digital marketing budget allocation over the next 5 years and how does this vary in the US and Western Europe?
  • How important will non-personal and on-demand channels be in terms of achieving digital marketing goals over the next 5 years?
  • Difficulty in proving ROI? Regulatory/compliance issues? Lack of staff/budget? What do experts identify as the critical challenges for implementing and expanding their digital marketing strategy?
  • How capable are digital marketing teams when it comes to identifying, gathering and analysing data used to demonstrate ROI from digital marketing activities?
  • How important will Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality channels become over the next 5 years?

The report Includes contributions from leading companies, such as...


About the market access experts who responded

This December 2018 survey has captured the views and insights of 100 US/Western Europe-based professionals (50 US; 50 WE) with responsibilities for digital marketing activities and capabilities at pharmaceutical companies.

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