Trends in Investment by Big Pharma

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July 2019
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What direction are big pharma investments taking?

The investment decisions made by the biggest players in core disease areas drive market trends—so it's crucial to understand where the big money is going and why. And as advancements in technology as well as business forces are inspiring fresh thinking in R&D, data, systems and commercial models, itis critical to be on top of the bigger picture.

Trends in Investment by Big Pharma draws on detailed interviews with representatives of some of the biggest pharma companies in each of four disease areas (type 1 diabetes, respiratory, oncology, and haematology) as well as three experts from leading pharma consultancy firms. This is the only comprehensive source of up-to-date opinion from those driving pharma investment today.

Use this report to:

  • Understand more about the investment areas that interest you: This report covers biotechnology and novel therapies; drug development; medical devices, equipment and wearables; drug discovery; mobile, internet and healthcare software and data; and disease diagnosis.
  • Focus in on specific disease areas: Investment trends are assessed across four disease areas with the highest prevalence and unmet clinical needs—type 1 diabetes, respiratory diseases, oncology and haematology.
  • Assess the impact of investment trends on companies and key stakeholders, as well as patients—and gain insight into what the long term effects are likely to be.
  • Find out more about projects supported by large scale investment: Discover more about the companies behind specific projects, the approach taken, and the longer-term objectives and goals.

What to expect from this report

With so much at stake, investment has to be fought for, defended and supported over the long-term, so the more insight up front and along the way, the better. Trends in Investment by Big Pharma gives you a unique view across the vast big pharma investment landscape as it stands today; it also offers pertinent insights from those making key decisions that will determine market direction over the coming years.

How did we do it?

  • We undertook research to identify 6 current issues impacting big pharma investment today
  • We explored these during in-depth interviews, posing 20 targeted questions to 8 experts
  • We uncovered 119 unique new insights during these detailed discussions
  • Our unique insights are supported by 149 directly quoted comments

Example insight included in Trends in Investment by Big Pharma

"Pre-competitive collaboration is a common strategy in major investments across therapeutic areas. In type 1 diabetes, there is a need to invest in pre-competition initiatives that are designed to determine unmet patient needs and present pharma with diverse opportunities for unique and competitive major investments. In respiratory, collaboration between pharma companies is also believed to help consolidate the industry's clinical development capabilities, leading to a more efficient and effective drug development process. In oncology, pre-competitive collaboration allows companies to share and expand research skills and capabilities that can help bring cancer therapies to market sooner."

Example quote included in Trends in Investment by Big Pharma

"The specific nature of the investment (e.g. equity, acquisition) is not as important as the persistence of effort and ability to capitalise on both success and failure. Early industry partnering in these efforts could be more actively considered given the challenges and risks."
Ben Wiegand, Global Head, World Without Disease Accelerator at Janssen Research & Development, LLC

The expert panel for Trends in Investment by Big Pharma

  • Timos Papagatsias, PhD, is the CEO of LucidQuest, which delivers strategic intelligence, evidence-based investment insights and fundraising services. He is also the CEO of Social Pharma, which provides decision support services and strategic advice on patient-centric strategic marketing.
  • Sarah Rickwood has 20 years' experience of consultancy within the pharmaceutical industry, holding her current role as Vice President at IQVIA since November 2010.
  • Linshu Shang joined Sanofi 12 years ago and is currently the Head of Medical Liaison within the Haematology and Transplant team.
  • Ben Wiegand, PhD, is the Global Head for the World Without Disease Accelerator (WWDA) for the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.
  • James Wright is currently Director at Valid Insight with over 20 years of experience within the healthcare industry and almost a decade in consulting.
  • Anonymous Oncology Global Commercial Leader works within a top 10 US pharmaceutical company. With a 16-year track record has a wealth of experience in oncology trends and investments.
  • Anonymous Respiratory Lead at a large US Pharma Company has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical industries for over 10 years. He is a medical doctor with over a decade of research experience, mainly within the field of respiratory medicine.
  • Anonymous Respiratory Director has been in his current position at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies for over 12 years.

Why buy now?

From the pharmaceutical giants competing on the world stage to the niche players and specialist service providers—every commercial entity involved in pharma needs to know where the big money is being spent at the moment. Whether you're making a case internally for investment, looking for new opportunities or planning ahead, understanding who is investing where and why is crucial. This report gives you that bigger picture so that you can see what the competition is doing and make smart and informed long-term investment decisions for your business.

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