Value-Added Services in Cardiometabolic Diseases

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October 2017
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Pharma's Value-Added Services (VAS) in cardiometabolic disease are not universally appreciated – why? Too often, useful programmes to monitor, educate and support patients are quietly dropped post launch. No wonder there is a widespread cynical view among payers that many "beyond the pill" support services are little more than a marketing ploy. How can Pharma get back on track and deliver sustained VAS that innovatively support long-term cardiometabolic disease patients, change behaviour and build trust with payers? Value-added Services in Cardiometabolic Diseases meets head-on the current criticism of many VAS initiatives, and through the hard-hitting insights of senior US and EU payers, clearly identifies the key VAS design, development and areas for improvement that industry needs to address.

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VAS have become a standard feature of pharma's outreach and companies can point to a raft of monitoring, education and health support services that have made a real impact. So why are payers sceptical and how is that impacting pharma's prospects? Short lived VAS are not building trust with payers or fully meeting the long-term needs of patients – especially in chronic conditions such as diabetes. It can be better. In this report experienced US and EU payers identify what good, on-target VAS look like, how working with payers can lead to better VAS solutions and how sharing outcomes data can help prove product value to a company's commercial benefit.

This report will enable you to:

  • Plan VAS into the product lifecycle to support patients with chronic cardiometabolic diseases
  • Leverage real world VAS outcomes data to support value claims with payers
  • Work collaboratively with payers to design innovative VAS programmes
  • Learn why working with trusted independent 3rd parties to deliver VAS will gain payer approval
  • Innovate to address non-adherence in a patient-centric way
  • Understand how US and EU5 payers' views of VAS vary and nuance your programmes to meet local conditions
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Table of Contents

Executive summary

Research methodology and objectives

  • Experts interviewed for this report

Definitions and overview

  • What are cardiometabolic diseases?
  • What are value-added services?

The role of value-added services in cardiometabolic diseases

  • Key insights on the role of value-added services in cardiometabolic diseases
  • The challenge of behavioural change
  • Do VAS influence pricing & reimbursement decisions?
  • Types of value-added services
    • Table: How payers rate different types of VAS
    • Fitness trackers
    • Education and disease management
    • Services that support adherence and compliance
    • VAS that connect patients with HCPs
    • Reminders to take medication
      • Figure: Medication reminder Apps
  • Branded versus unbranded VAS
  • Pharma versus third party providers
  • Pharma collaboration with technology companies for cardiometabolic VAS
    • Case study: Roche acquisition of mySugr
    • Case study: Novo Nordisk's Cornerstones4Care, powered by Glooko

Opportunities for new VAS in cardiometabolic disease

  • Key insights on opportunities for new VAS
  • What payers want from VAS
    • Evidence of improved patient outcomes
      • Figure: Increasing the value-proposition of VAS
    • Real-world data that doctors can access
    • Cost savings
  • Changing behaviour is a key objective
  • Collaboration with payers to develop VAS
  • Harnessing new technology for VAS
  • The top opportunities for pharma

Key takeaways

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