Future Treatment Trends in Psoriasis (Physician Survey) [2019]

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May 2019
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How can you change physician perceptions and prescribing practice in the crowded psoriasis sector?

  • How do physicians view new therapies and will they change their prescribing habits?
  • What clinical attributes do physicians identify as essential for new products entering the market?
  • How aware are physicians of late stage pipeline products and what attributes must they have to gain physician confidence?
  • Which injectable and oral psoriasis products are physicians currently using?

The recent launch of AbbVie/Boehringer Ingelheim’s Anti-IL23 (risankizumab) brings yet another therapy option to the already well-serviced psoriasis treatment portfolio. With so many well established products to choose from, what influences physicians prescribing choices, what are the clinical essentials they want to see products deliver and what can pharma do to get their attention?

The bar to successful market entry in psoriasis is set high and finding a market voice requires developers to deliver optimum clinical impact, evidence and price. With this comprehensive quantitative study Future Treatment Trends in Psoriasis (Physician Survey), you can understand the drivers that influence and shape the practice of front-line dermatologists in the US and Europe and the essential “must-haves” that will differentiate your brand.

This cutting-edge survey report is rich in tables, charts and analysis and provides clear, actionable intelligence to inform pharma’s product development, commercial and communications strategies.

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200 experienced dermatologists answer key questions:

  • Which classes of drugs currently dominate the psoriasis sector and how does that differ between the US and EU3?
  • Durability of response? Patient characteristics? Onset of action? What are the key drivers of treatment decisions?
  • In terms of efficacy, safety and convenience, how do physicians rate the competing strengths of Anti-TNF, Anti-IL12/23, Anti-IL23, Anti-IL17 and PDE4 inhibitors?
  • Which emerging therapies do physicians anticipate will change current psoriasis treatment, and why?
  • Low cost? Easy to access? Oral/topical formulations? What are the urgent unmet needs in psoriasis and which ones do physicians say are more important?
  • What are the key attributes that new injectable and oral therapies must have if they are to disrupt the market?
  • What clinical studies do physicians want to prove efficacy and value?

Psoriasis brands covered in this survey report

Marketed Products

  • Humira (AbbVie)
  • Remicade (J&J US/Merck & Co EU)
  • Enbrel (Amgen)
  • Cimzia (UCB)
  • Stelara (J&J)
  • Cosentyx (Novartis)
  • Taltz (Eli Lilly)
  • Siliq/Kyntheum (Bausch Health US/Leo Pharma EU)
  • Tremfya (J&J)
  • Illumya/Ilumetri (Sun Pharma US/Almirall EU)
  • Otezla (Celgene)
  • Skyrizi (AbbVie/Boehringer Ingelheim)

Pipeline Products

  • Mirikizumab (Eli Lilly)
  • ABY-035 (Affibody)
  • M1095/ALX-0761 (Ablynx/Merck KGaA)
  • Bimekizumab (UCB)
  • BMS-986165 (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
  • PF-06700841 (Pfizer)

About the expert dermatologists who responded

100 US and 100 EU3 (UK, Germany and France) dermatologists contributed to the survey. All the respondents are…

  • Dermatologists with at least 5 years in practice and who spend at least half their time treating patients
  • Treat moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adults without complicating arthritis, with at least 10 such patients (US)/5 such patients (EU) in the past 3 months.

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