Immuno-Oncology in NSCLC (Physician Survey) [2018]

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October 2018
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Critical and revealing physician insights to support current and future usage of immuno-oncology in the treatment of lung cancer

Immuno-Oncology (IO), including PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors, has revolutionised the treatment of lung cancer, and has provided physicians with treatment options that have improved clinical outcomes in a condition which still has high unmet clinical needs. But how aware are physicians actually using IO in the treatment of lung cancer, what are their views on the potential differences between PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors, how common is biomarker testing (including which ones), what impact have landmark clinical trials had on clinical practice, and how do physicians expect IO usage to evolve in the future?

As adoption of IO expands, and more clinical data is announced, pharma companies have a unique opportunity to learn from the views of US and European physicians. In Immuno-Oncology in NSCLC (Physician Survey), a detailed survey of 200 physicians from the US and Europe, you can understand how they use IO, what challenges they face, how much influence new clinical data has had on clinical practice, and how the category is set to evolve in the future.

This detailed survey report is rich in tables, charts and analysis, and provides clear, actionable, cutting edge intelligence to inform pharma and IO developers’ market access, commercial and communications strategies.


Treating oncologists answer key questions:

  • How do treating oncologists rate personal and peer-group awareness of IO in NSCLC, and what specific information sources (by country) do treating oncologists believe are key to raising better awareness of IO in NSCLC even further?
  • What proportion of physicians believe that there are differences between PD-1 and PD-L1 inhibitors, and in which treatment settings are these differences most apparent?
  • Are testing rates for PD-L1 and TMB uniform across non-squamous and squamous lung cancer patients, or is there an imbalance?
  • How influential on prescribing decisions is new clinical trial data, and which clinical trials have the most influence?
  • What differences in treatment rates with IO are seen between first and second line metastatic NSCLC, and which brands are reaping the rewards?
  • How is IO in the treatment of NSCLC likely to evolve in the future, and does this vary by brand, country and line of therapy?


About the specialist oncologist physicians who responded

200 US and European physicians treating NSCLC with IO contributed to the survey, reflecting the views of current IO users...

  • Medical Oncologists with at least 5 years in practice
  • Required to meet basic patient volumes in NSCLC, including at least one metastatic (Stage IV) patient per quarter
  • Active prescribing role for PD-1/PD-L1s in NSCLC
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What can I expect from this research?

Download Immuno-Oncology in NSCLC (Physician Survey) and start deciphering what’s next for this critically important area. In this report you can expect to find:

  • Quantitative insights on 8 key issues relating to current and future prescribing patterns for IO in the US and Europe
  • Issues explored via an online survey that included over 50 questions put to each treating physician
  • Physician responses provide critical insights, data for which is provided across 33 unique and never-seen-before charts
  • When appropriate, key differences between US and European respondents are provided, thereby adding additional detailed insight
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  • Reflect only the views of physicians who pass strict screening criteria and are qualified to speak to the subject


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