The Future of Digital Therapeutics in CNS Disorders (Physician Survey) [2018]

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September 2018
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Critical and revealing physician insights to enable pharma and DTx developers to drive wider adoption and usage of DTx across a spectrum of CNS disorders

A new ray of hope for recovery and living comfortably.”
US CNS Physician

  • How aware are physicians of digital therapeutics (DTx) and how much do they currently know?
  • Where do they see DTx playing a role for their patients?
  • Which disorders do they see DTx being most valuable?
  • What can you practically do to deliver the data and support that will widen DTx usage?

 DTx are revolutionising the treatment of neurodegenerative and neurological disorders and providing physicians with powerful therapy tools for delivering improved patient outcomes in conditions of high unmet clinical need.  Interest and enthusiasm for DTx among specialist CNS physicians is high, but a lack of clinical experience and supporting data are concerns that pharma and DTx developers can address.

As adoption of DTx expands, and interest from physicians not yet using DTx grows, pharma and DTx developers now have a unique opportunity to learn from the views of US-based CNS physicians.  In The Future of Digital Therapeutics in CNS Disordersa detailed survey of 100 US CNS specialists, you can understand how they see the benefits, challenges and the applications of DTx as a means of delivering meaningful improvement in patient outcomes.

This detailed survey report is rich in tables, charts and analysis, and provides clear, actionable, cutting edge intelligence to inform pharma and DTx developers’ market access, commercial and communications strategies.


CNS physicians answer key questions:

  • Where do physicians get their information about DTx and which sources are considered most reliable?
  • What proportion of their patients do physicians deem eligible for DTx?
  • What are the drivers and resistors to the uptake of DTx and how do physicians see these changing in the future?
  • How can DTx developers utilise KOLs in their awareness and communications programmes?
  • How influential on prescribing decisions is the ability of DTx for delivering real time patient monitoring?
  • In which CNS disorders do physicians see DTx having the greatest impact?
  • Early diagnosis? Personalisation? Treating underserved conditions?  In what ways do physicians want to see the DTx sector develop?


Which DTx are finding physician acceptance and enthusiasm?

Both current and potential prescribers of DTx identify the products of interest, including:

  • Abilify MyCite
  • AKL-TO1
  • Cognoa
  • Comfort Talk
  • Kaia Back Pain
  • ReminX
  • ReSET
  • Sleepio


About the specialist CNS physicians who responded

100 US physicians treating CNS disorders contributed to the survey, reflecting the views of current DTx users and those yet to incorporate DTx into their treatment regimes.  All the respondents…

  • Have at least 5 years in practice in General/Family Practice/Internal Medicine working in Addiction/Pain Management/Neurology/Psychiatric specialities
  • Concentrate on mental health, neurodegenerative and/or other neurological conditions such as pain and insomnia and spend at least half of their time treating patients
  • Are very familiar with or have some basic information about the term “digital therapeutics”

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