Driving Brand Value in Emerging Markets -- winning strategies and tactics

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January 2013
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Your key to breaking new ground in emerging markets.

It’s a case of old versus new: established markets with stagnant, single-digit growth in sales versus double-digit performance in emerging markets. Yet much as the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries and others hold enormous potential, success has not always been assured. What defence mechanisms exist for brands to tackle the threat of cheap and poorly manufactured generics? How must pharma adapt to domestic business practices to ensure pro-active relationships with local distributors? How do in-country partnerships, networks, and the positioning of established brands work in these markets?

Filled with insights from experts in the field, the report outlines the allure—and complexities—of emerging markets, as well as the best practices and strategies to establishing a profitable presence.

Offering their expert views are leaders currently working in the area, such as Serge Scotto (CEO of Taishi Pharma AG), Diego Forero (senior director of Pfizer’s Established Products Latin America) and Wolfgang Brait (recent former head of specialty medicines, Group Emerging Markets), who shared his take on the potential emerging markets offer.

Anyone who needs to know what does and doesn’t work, those who need to know the differences in sales infrastructure and accepted practice, or others who requires advice on building strategies in markets that are in a state of change will benefit highly from this report.

Key features of Driving Brand Value in Emerging Markets -- winning strategies and tactics include:

  • Insight on strategies to tackle the growing dominance of generics
  • Information on branding in emerging markets, how domestic competition works and what opportunities and challenges exist
  • Examination of how some multinationals position their brands and build equity
  • Key opinions from experts working in emerging markets, particularly Latin America
  • Overview of the importance of strong, local relationships, on-site contact and accessing long-term domestic knowledge
  • Case studies, including Novartis’ Glivec humanitarian patient assistance programme
  • Insight into how strategies and tools such as sales, digital marketing, local knowledge, and understanding the relationship between patients and physicians/payers vary from market to market

Key Benefits

Insightful, pertinent and dynamically presented, FirstWord’s report is designed to share critical knowledge and experience to those challenged with establishing brand presence in emerging markets. This report will help you to:

  • Understand the critical importance of accessing deep, local knowledge while approaching domestic partnerships with clarity
  • Learn how to obtain the best deal from local distributors while protecting your brand
  • Comprehend the differences in branding and marketing in emerging versus developed markets, with particular reference to adapting global brands to a domestic market
  • Grasp the importance of long-term commitment and investment for inspiring confidence in governments, payers, healthcare professionals and patients
  • Gain access to up-to-date summaries of the latest intelligence and data on emerging markets
  • Obtain multiple examples of successful strategies for launching products from experts working with Pfizer, Novartis and others

Driving Brand Value in Emerging Markets -- winning strategies and tactics
answers key questions including:
  • What are the key challenges for entering emerging markets?
  • How can I access local knowledge and expertise while maintaining brand integrity and momentum?
  • How do companies already trading in emerging markets handle the threat of generics?
  • What are the successful marketing and sales tactics currently used to create brand awareness?
  • What are the key factors in planning and launching a product in an emerging market?

Selected Quotes

“You know you have to be extremely, extremely careful, in choosing a partner, if you choose this strategy. This is my one piece of advice for potential investors.” Serge Scotto, CEO, Taishi Pharma AG, Switzerland

“You need to create the brand in such a way that safety becomes an integral part of your brand message, if safety is an advantage of yours over the copies. In strong private markets like Brazil, people tend to stick with the brand from Western Europe or from the US simply because they have experience with it.” Wolfgang Brait, former head of specialty medicines, Group Emerging Markets

“There have to be some signs that not only your brand, but you and your company are here and that they can build up a long-lasting relationship with you. They will not want to do that over email or a telephone call, but face to face, with the presence of bricks and mortar, a signed long-term contract and staff. That’s when companies start doing well.” Tay Salimullah, market access consultant, Asia Pacific, Ascendancy Healthcare